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SMG command line for DNS change?

Created: 02 May 2013 • Updated: 09 May 2013 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Is there any? I have search Symantec KB but didn't manage to found any command...


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Symantec™ Messaging Gateway 10.0 Command Line Reference Guide
padding: 1px;padding-bottom: 3px ;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Article:DOC5743 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;"> |  padding: 0px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Created: 2012-07-11 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;"> |  padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Updated: 2012-08-20 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;"> |  padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Article URL
smg_commandline_reference.pdf 868.93 KB

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Thanks for the help...i already got those

....i actually want to change SBG DNS directly via command line..

seems the only way is via delete/clear osconfig .... my question is after running this command will it kept the last IP settings given or it will reset all?

If it reset all means i need to run this command physically... if it still keep the last IP settings..i can run this via putty


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This cannot be done via the command line because this is a configuration that needs to exist in the Control Center database. Delete osconfig will take the appliance offline until the bootstrap is completed and the appliance rebooted again. The delete osconfig command may not exist in future versions.

Why do you need to modify DNS via the command line? You may be able to accomplish this task by pointing the SMG appliance to another caching server on the network that you can modify via command line.

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Thank you for kind reply art.

After the appliance reboot post booststrap will the previous ifconfig settings will be kept?

From my reading in the forum this is the only way to do ip or dns changes via command line...

Why via command line? It's for convenience, SBG GUI may be not accesible due certain issue and only SSH port being open....

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The Symantec Messaging Gateway was not designed to be administered from the command line, which is meant for diagnotic and troubleshooting. Changes made by deleting osconfig are temporary and will eventually revert back to what is stored in the Control Center database.

I still think your best bet is to use the Control Center web GUI to configure the scanner to point to intermediate DNS server that you can modify via the command line. That way you can adjust the forwarders to point to whatever DNS servers you want whenever you want.

If you need command line administration of the Messaging Gateway, I suggest using the Ideas section to submit, or add to, an enhancement request.

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Seems delete osconfig still working in version won't keep the last "ifconfig"....  since it deletes osconfig.xml

require physical access (console)....