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SMG Installation and configuration with one control center and two scanners

Created: 30 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

Hi Team,

  we have total three SMG 8380 Applicances and now we would like to configure like below.

one appliance is for Control center and two applicances for Scanners and it should be configured in HA.

if any one scanner fails second scanner should take care of all the load.

all the quarantine mails should be saved in control centere applicance.

need help in configuration part like above.

appriciate your help on this



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TSE-JDavis's picture

That is simply how the Messaging Gateway works, there is no way to co figure it otherwise. You just need two MX records weighted the same and if one scanner is not available, mail will go to the other scanner.

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Symantec Messaging Gateway has no inbuilt High Availability features such as failover. You can use load balancers or some firewalls to failover to the second SMG if one stops responding.