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SMG mails warning low disk space

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 25 Feb 2013 | 3 comments


Our messaging gateway has used 26GB. I have cleared all spam in quarantine and all logs have limits set to less than 1GB. The total disk size allocated is 50GB. Why is it email me warning ** Symantec Messaging Gateway Alert - Available disk space is less than the configured limits ** and what is it using 26GB for? I have gone through this on how to free space to no affect -


Many thanks.

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When you connect via winscp want you can see. Some times you must delete files via winscp get help you for increasing free space.


Cemile Denerel BAŞAK

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Are you using incident quarantine/folders? Those are not the same as the spam quarantine.

Are you using the virus quarantine?

Do you have backups stored on the Messaging Gateway?

You can also try some of the delete commands from the console to free up space.

Some that are safe to try would be:

  • delete diagnostics (deletes all the diagnostic packages)
  • delete cores (deletes cores files created from compoenent crashes)
  • delete sudata (deletes all of the downloaded files for software updates)
  • delete --purge num (deletes all but the most recent number (num) of backups).
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This is a virtual implementation by the sounds of it. If so, was the allocated disk space fully allocated upon creation? Or was it increased at some point in time? If it was increased, then the appliance would still just be using the originaly allocated amount, as it has no way to reconfigure the disk for increased available disk space.

The delete commands listed by BenDC above are good, but before you delete cores you may want to list them with the command line command:

list --cores

If you get a list of cores, then deleting them will definitely clear up space (they can be bigger than 3GB in size). However, you may want to leave them and call support to investigate why processes are crashing (which creates the core files).