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SMG SNMP Value Unit and importance

Created: 07 Feb 2014

Hi Guys,

I a bit confused what the different meaning and unit is of the Queues we monitor via SNMP. Could anyone explain what they mean and what unit it is expressed in?

So each of the three queues (inbound outbound and delivery) have these items, 

Queue connections: I asume the number of connections this queue has, value is just a number. OK what would you set as maximum before it is considered as error?

Queue Data Rate: Is this the amount of data that is being tranfered to the next hop (mail server or other queue)? What is the unit? Kbps? its pretty low ranging from 0-20. What maximum would I set as error

Queue deffered mesages: Is this the amount of messages that are being dropped due to for example spam? Unit probably is just the number? What maximum as error?

Queue Message Rate: Is this the amount of messages being passed through the queue? unit just a number? What maximum as error?

Queue Size: size of all messages in the queue? in KB, Kb? what maximum as error?

Queued messages: number of messages in the queue? just a number? what maximum as error?

What of these 6 would be your choice to monitor and what not?

would appreciate your input as best practise very much

thankts guys!

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