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SMP 7.1 inventory virtual layers?

Created: 07 Jun 2013 • Updated: 01 Aug 2013 | 6 comments
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Does 7.1 inventory workspace virtualization to tell me what layers are installed or active by default?  Or is this something I have to create a custom inventory script to do?

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If the computer being inventoried has the SWV plug-in installed and layers imported then inventory is created in a new table for that computer.  Layer name, version, and state, among other things, are captured.

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Does it only create those if I use SMP to distribute the layers?

I have been doing some basic testing of an app as SWV, first app we are trying.  And to do tests I haven't been using SMP yet, just svscmd to import and activate on test machines.  

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It shouldn't matter.  We have not used the SMP to deploy virtual layers but many of us have the SWV agent installed for testing and whatnot.

If the agent and layers are there then inventory should see that.  I've found that having the agent installed without any packages is not enough to create the tables (but the SWV agent does show up in the Basic Inventory).


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Do you know which inventory specifically creates this table?

I was able to find it in my database and 2 of the pc's im testing virtual packages on show up with them, but my own pc which I used to create them as well as a few test ones that all show up but inactive in my admin tool does not have any entries in the table.

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It's part of Software Inventory:


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I found it just after I typed my last question.  I just didn't go into the advanced options of the task.