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SMP Admin tasks to be monitored

Created: 25 Feb 2014 | 11 comments
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Hi is there any list of task / items that should be setup to be reviewed daily or weekly to make sure SMP is running smoothly? I know all of us have different item we monitor for example to make sure PMimport is running and setup automation poilcy if fails etc. Looking for a detailed list that an admin can use to either setup to be automated or reveiw to ensure their are no issues with SMP.

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What you mean by that SMP is running smoothly? Could you please provide examples what you want to monitor?

I can suggest to create (or use some default)  "Automation Policy" (manage->automation policies).

We have the separate altiris product for monitoring the system "Monitor Solution" which is the best way for your purposes.

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I don't think there's an official list. Here's some I do


  • Check Logviewer
  • Run Software Execution Report for any new larger scale rollouts from the previous day


  • Run the Software Execution Report and check for any failures
  • Check the filter of Computers reporting to your NS built in Task Server to make sure there are only a few (I run a weekly task to reset them)


  • Run Symantec Installation Manager and check licences and availability of new updates
  • Run Event queue report to make sure event queues are getting cleared out after Inventory
  • Run Resource Update Target report to check resource update intervals are OK.
  • Run the "Simple Rebuild script" HOWTO83784
  • Check for Orphaned Tasks
  • Check the "known-as" mappings for common manufacturers
  • Clean up obsolete Policies and Filters - I export the XML before I delete them
  • Run SMP Diag, TECH202997

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Can you please provide the method for "Check for Orphaned Tasks". 

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Hi Andy, that is more like operational. I a meant what Anton refer, some automation polices that will avoid you going and checking the logs and reports. Here are few examples

Check if the PMImort completed successfully and if it fails send an email to admin (An atomation policy does that easy)

Check if Replication has failed and send report through automation policy what failed. 

Did purging completed successfully, how many items purged etc. ....


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As far as automatic monitoring, there are two custom reports which I use automation policies for sending out daily updates on site infrastructure:

1) Subnets that are not assigned to a site along with the agent count on that subnet

2) Site servers that have not reported in more than 8 hours. 

I second the item on Andy's monthly checklist to run SMP Diag.  This is a lifesaving tool that often provides step by step instructions for solving detected issues based on SQL queries and log scrapes.  A great first step in doing a health check. 

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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Hello Joe,

Could you possibly share those two custom reports?

Thanks, SK.

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Here is the SQL for the two reports I mentioned:

--unassigned subnets



, Subnet.Subnet

, Subnet.[Subnet Mask]

,(SELECT COUNT(vc2.Guid)

FROM vComputer vc2

LEFT JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_TCPIP IP2 ON IP2.[_ResourceGuid] = vc2.Guid

LEFT JOIN Inv_Subnet subnet2 ON IP2.[Subnet] = subnet2.[Subnet] and IP2.[Subnet Mask] = subnet2.[Subnet Mask]

WHERE vc2.[IsManaged] = 1

and subnet.[_ResourceGuid] = subnet2.[_ResourceGuid]

) as [qty machines]


Inv_Subnet subnet

WHERE subnet.[_ResourceGuid] NOT IN

(SELECT [SubnetGuid] from vSiteSubnetMap)

AND subnet.[_ResourceGuid] IN (

SELECT subnet.[_ResourceGuid]

FROM vComputer vc

LEFT JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_TCPIP IP ON IP.[_ResourceGuid] = vc.Guid

LEFT JOIN Inv_Subnet subnet ON IP.[Subnet] = subnet.[Subnet]

WHERE vc.[IsManaged] = 1



BY [qty machines] desc

-- Package Servers which have not reported in 4 hours - 2014-01-03

SELECT vSite.Name [Site],

vc.Name [Site Server],

ip.[IP Address],

ConfigDate.LastConfig AS 'Days Offline',

ConfigDate.LastConfigDate AS 'Last Config Date'


vComputer vc

INNER JOIN CollectionMembership cm ON vc.Guid = cm.ResourceGUID

AND cm.CollectionGuid ='4c31e964-d085-42d8-bfb0-d439b4c61e47' -- 'All Package Servers'

INNER JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_TCPIP IP ON vc.Guid = ip._ResourceGuid

INNER JOIN vSubnet ON ip.Subnet = vSubnet.Subnet

INNER JOIN vSiteSubnetMap ON vSubnet.Guid = vSiteSubnetMap.SubnetGuid

INNER JOIN vSite ON vSiteSubnetMap._ResourceGuid = vSite.Guid


select ResourceGuid AS Guid, LastConfig = MIN(datediff(dd,[StartTime],getdate())), LastConfigDate = MAX([StartTime])

from Evt_NS_Client_Config_Request WITH (NOLOCK)

group by ResourceGuid

HAVING MIN(datediff(hh,[StartTime],getdate())) > 4

) as ConfigDate on vc.Guid = ConfigDate.Guid

ORDER BY, vc.[Name] ASC

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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Thank you.

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Maybe the Symantec Workflow Solution can help you.

You can check the capabilities of Workflow Solution in terms of Automation..



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Thank you this is good, I am working on to add few more items to this and will post that as well.