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SMP Agent Scheduled Push Frequency and Network Load

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

For those who've automated the install of the SMP/Altiris agent, I was wondering if it's a huge load on the network during these pushes?  I'm trying to decide on how frequent I should schedule this job/task.  Want to make it often enough to eventually hit everyone although not too frequent so as to overtax our network.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance!

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Good evening Clint,
The most import part of agent distribution is ensuring your packages servers are defined. After your package servers are ready do a staggered agent deployment by site. I currently run an agent push every twelve hours during steady state. (At 1:00pm and 1:00am.)

You an also deploy the agent via GPO.

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Had a couple side questions.  I found a Symantec KB article on SMA install prerequisites and was wondering why they only specify OS requirements and nothing about Windows settings?  For example in a domain environment, would the fact that the Windows Firewall is enabled and/or File and Printer Sharing is disabled affect the scheduled push?

I'm asking these questions because I found that File/Printer Sharing under the Domain section in "Change advanced sharing settings" for Network and Sharing Center on my new Win7 Pro x64 PC was disabled, and I've had some reports that Altiris still installs with a scheduled push when the firewall is enabled.  Just concerned about all the Windows config settings that could result in SMA scheduled push failures.


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I guess an enabled Windows Firewall doesn't block the agent push because the SMA slipped in on one of my Win7 PCs just fine.  Maybe this is one reason why the SMA install prerequisites KB doesn't specify that you have to turn off the firewall in order for a scheduled agent push to successfully occur?