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SMP Console and remote VPN Client IP

Created: 25 Apr 2013 | 7 comments


Is there a way to change the displayed IP address in SMP Console (Manage/Computers) ?

By default it displays the "main" IP address of the client. I would like to have the IP used to reach the SMP server.

Ie: I'm connected with VPN to the company network, I don't need to have the laptop local address, I prefer the VPN one.

The main problem behind this is when you try to connect to this machine from company network, if you use pcAnywhere it willl try to use machine name (may work if DNS are updated) and that's it. If you can quickly retrieve real visible (and reachable from SMP server) IP it will be better.

Thanks for your feedback,


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Gary_Gentiva's picture

I'm interested in the same answer for a different reason.  Our company has subnets of 192.168.0.% and 192.168.1.% which could be anybody's home router.  When clients check in, Altiris updates that hostname to reflect their home IP address.

So when I create a filter to target our specific branch location with a 192.168.1.% subnet, I'm finding 300 machines when I should only find 30.

Does anybody know of a way Altiris can remedy this?


burndtjammer's picture

First fire your network administrator...

Why is the branch location the default 192.168.1.%?  Get someone to come up with a subnet plan for that branch that doesnt use defaults...

Nicolas Horchower's picture

I also found something else anoying :

site association is becoming weird when we add PCs with both local subnet (home) and VPN address.

We have a workstation with package server that is statically associated with main office site (and nothing to disable this).

It would be great to have something to solve this...


JeanWilson's picture

I was going to start a thread about this.

@burndtjammer The issue is that Altiris displays the preferred address on the computer. i wonder if there is a way to configure Altiris to display otherwise

I am also interested on finding a fix for this.

Nicolas Horchower's picture

in addition it would be wise to have an icon or a light near the computer icon to know when the machine is connected or not.


HXG's picture

If you go to the site maintenance will see the Computer icon being lit up when connected. question is would it be possible to be alerted if a computer is not lit up?

Nicolas Horchower's picture

you mean in Site Management \ Site Servers  \ MyServer \ Services  \ Task Service

That's pretty annoying, best would be to have this info in Manage\ Computers

BTW : I'm  using SMC 7.1.8280