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SMSDOM for AIX: possible to change Domino data path after SMSDOM has been installed?

Created: 09 Dec 2011 | 5 comments
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Hi All,

As per topic, is it possible to change Domino data path after SMSDOM has been installed?

If yes, how to configure SMSDOM to point to the new Domino partition? (where /notesdata is located)


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We ask Domino where the data directory is, so as long as Domino knows, we will know.

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I would recommend an unistall reinstall. You mentioned a partion and moving the datapath. If you are adding a partition, you would want to reinstall SMSDom, which should prompt for a partionted installation option, if you are just moving the datapath I believe some symbolic links are created at install time and I don't have a list available of what those may be nor a process for what you are requesting.

You can save the settings database and log and quarnainte and put them in the /SAV folder in the new datapath to keep the settings you already have after installation.

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During installation actually we need to key-in the Domino data path (or leave it search by default).

Any way to know how it exactly works?


I need to check with customer Domino team whether symbolic links are used to link the new /notesdata or not.

Thanks again for the info.

I'm still waiting support to answer via case opened.

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Below are answer from Support:

a. Change the Directory= line in the notes.ini file and then the new path  will be known to both SMSDOM and Domino. This will then work.

b. No, the change mentioned in (a) should be all that is needed for the  products to know the new location.

 c. Permissions could be an issue, hence, Administrator should document all  the permissions/user access/group access of the files/folders before move  the files and folders, so that when the data is moved over to the SAN,  Administrator can mount this new location on the server and then verify  the permissions are still the same. So then everything should be fine.

 NOTE:  As always though, Administrator should backup everything before  starting this process.