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SMSDOM for Windows: Server crashed after SMSDOM memory usage up to 95%

Created: 09 Jan 2012 | 1 comment
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Hi Al,

Is problem above normal?

NSD log showed that SMSDOM has utilized memory up until 95% before the system crashed. Is there a bug in SMSDOM that caused this?

OS: Windows 2003 64 bit

Memory: 4Gb

SMSDOM version: 8.0

Why do we need to implement below changes?  ( )

1. Please add the following Microsoft suggested Windows registry entry for Windows Memory Management
The "HeapDecommitFreeBlockThreshold" registry key - instruction in this Microsoft KB:

2. TCP/IP Stack tuning: MaxUserPort Specifies the highest port number that TCP/IP can assign when an application requests an available user port from
the system.--- recommend setting it to 65000 ports.

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The registry changes are needed because Windows is not releasing memory fast enough for applications to use it and not opening enough TCP/IP connections for applications to use. You should really upgrade to version 8.0.9, 8.0 is very old and has a lot of known issues.