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SMSME Definition update problems

Created: 20 Jul 2013 | 3 comments


We are running SMSME in Windows 2008 64-bit server. In that server we have  SEP 11.0.6200 atm installed.

Our problem is that often we have problems with SMSME updates. When we run liveupdate it says that we have latest definition installed but in smsme frontpage it shows that definitions are old. I have registered smsme to liveupdate and it shows in the list what updates will be recieved.




Liveupdate downloads about 200MB packages per day from liveupdate but only SEP seems to be updating. I have checked LU logs and there are no error. I'm getting pretty frustraded with this because we have exact same setup in other server but there everything works fine. Even this server sometimes works few day maybe a week but then it just crashes again.

Any ideas what i should be looking or how to try to fix this problem. I have removed updates from definitions directory etc.

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There are a couple of things that may assist with determining what is happening on this machine. Have you considered opening a techncial support case? They may be able to look through the configurations and settings to determine what is causing the issue. They will ask for the LiveUpdate log and will look at the folder structure.

On occasion, it is simply easier to uninstall and reinstall SMSMSE to make sure the folders and files have proper location and permissions.

I would like to suggest you consider opening a support case. When you do, please make sure to have some time for the technician to call you back and work on the issue with you via WebEx.

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Before opening a ticket i would just like to know where to look what might be causing this problem. Is there anything i can do before contacting support.

What you mean by folder structure? There are no errors in LU logs.

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You may not see an error, specifically, in the LiveUpdate logs. There are times where the actions taken are logged without errors, however, it is not the proper action or the proper location for the items being handled.

The folder structure that I mentioned is, when LiveUpdate runs, it removes and creates files and folders in various locations. Sometimes, the files or folders are not updated, created, moved or removed as they should be.

Another thing to consider is that the front page of the SMSMSE console is not "Real Time" reporting and can run a little behind on reporting virus definitions and numbers of messages scanned. It can take up to 30 minutes for the Home Page to update.

Also, make sure Automatic Updates are turned off in SMSMSE. If you are running SEP and SMSMSE, both don't need to be turned on and if both are running automatic updates, they will get corrupted.

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