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SMSME not blocking attachments

Created: 02 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

 I have the following rule in content filtering.
Exchange 2013
Windows server 2012.

-Sample Executable File

Content Rule:

It's just not working all attachments are coming through.

Is there something i have configured incorrectly?

Thank you

Operating Systems:

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There are several things that may be causing this to not function properly.

One of the first things you should do is to create a New Rule from scratch, not using the default sample rule set in the console. Select New Rule from the Tasks list and set up the rule from scratch.

The most common cause of a rule failure is the rule itself is not enabled. On the main Content Filtering Rule page, make sure the status is set to "Enabled" and make sure to Deploy the changes before continuing.

You should also make sure the Users tab is configured to the correct Sender or Recipient list. By default, it is set to "Apply if the sender of the message is NOT in the list" and the list is blank. This essentially includes everyone out there everywhere who may send in messages.

The last part, to check, what action is set for messages that match the conditions set in the rule. You can delete, quarantine or log the messages.

If creating the rule from scratch does not resolve the issue I would recommend creating a technical support case and letting a technician walk through the rule and messages with you.


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Literal string as a Match type does not accept wildcards (*).  Only Match type of Wildcard will accept a wildcard charachter like *.  Also, the match type for both the Match list and Rule content must be the same