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SMSMSE 6.0 Console

Created: 07 Sep 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

    Can I install the Console on more than one machine?  There doesn't seem to be much information about this.  I have installed the Console on an Exchange test server.  I have also installed it on an XP Pro desktop but I am having problems with permissions.  When I try to add the test server to a group and access it, I am getting prompted for a login and password.  (I am logged into the desktop as a domain admin and a member of the SMSMSE Admins group)

When I enter my domain credentials, I get an error, unable to connect to remote server.  WTF?  When I click cancel, I get another error, user is unauthorized or has limited rights on the server.  This is  the same account that has Exchange admin rights on the server and from which I installed both Exchange and SMSMSE on the server itself.

I am just trying to do something simple here in giving viewer rights to the console for my helpdesk staff, but this is looking like its not possible with this version.  Tell me again why we bought this?  BTW, the documentation for this version is pathetic!

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Hey, Just upgraded to 6.0 foundation from SMSME 5.x.  on Exchange 2003 SP2. upgrade seems to have worked fine but didn't fix my one issue. I do run the console on my PC also. Ran install from install directory and it knew I was not on an Exchange box so  it only installed console. 
The only issue I have now is the fact that my match list don't work right if Outlook client is using cache mode.
I was using filter list for subject and message body, just for really bad words but the filter either skips entirely when sent to a cache mode client (subject line filter) or trigerred everything (message body filter).  I had to turn them off.
Still trying to figure out where to get help from Symantec.