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SMSMSE Intergration Issues

Created: 26 Oct 2011 • Updated: 02 Nov 2011 | 4 comments
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I have just installed the SMSMSE agents on our 2 servers that have SMSMSE installed on. Under the operation status link I watched them install and complete. Now the SPC user guide didnt give me much of a guide for what to do after.

I have checked under all the SMSMSE reports but they contain no data.

Do I need to configure SMSMSE options more once the agents had been installed on the servers to get data to come in?

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Greetings Mark,

Once you enable the SMSMSE product within SPC 2.0 you browse to the installation URL from your Mail Server, or you PUSH install the agent. (Which it sounds like you have done).

Prior to PUSH installing the agent you need to make sure you have uninstalled any other SMP agents on the SMSMSE Server, as at this time both agents can not be on the same machine.

Within a few minutes of a successful SMSMSE agent installation you should start to see data populating the reports.

There is a tech article at: that has some additional information about exactly what goes on during the installation and gives details about application event log entries you may see.

I'm sure you have already looked at it, but it's good to publish a link to the SMSMSE Integration guide.

It can be found at:

Inside the guide can be found various troubleshooting steps.

Here are some other questions:

Did you notice any errors logged to the even viewer?

Did you have any AntiVirus or AntiMalware alerts produced during the installation?
(Which versions of AntiVirus/AntiMalware do you have installed on the server, if any?)

Were you prompted to restart any services, or have you restarted any services on the Server?

Have you rebooted the SMSMSE server lately?

Your best option may be to call in and log a support case with the SPC Support Team, or the SMSMSE Support Team. They would then be able to work with you to examine the systems in question, take some diagnostics information, and further trouble shoot, ( and even resolve :) ) your issue.


Russ Scovel
Inside Systems Engineer

Altiris SOS – Endpoint Management and Mobility
Symantec Corporation

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There were no errors in the event viewer on both of our SMSMSE servers it said this

"Product: SMSMSE Agent Plug-in -- Installation completed successfully."

There are no Antivirus/Malware products installed on those servers.

I was not prompt to restart any servers.

And the last time the SMSMSE server was rebooted was last week.

Yea i'm thinking I might log a job, Ill let you know how it goes

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In order for the agent installation to finish you need to restart the Symantec Management Agent:

net stop AeXNSClient

net start AeXNSClient

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Greetings Mark,

This is an informational post.

The error was caused by the SMSMSE system not being at the required version level.

The SPC 2.0 product requires version 6.5.5  or higher of the SMSMSE product for the integration with SPC to succeed.

If you could please mark this as solved I would appreciate it.


Russ Scovel
Inside Systems Engineer

Altiris SOS – Endpoint Management and Mobility
Symantec Corporation