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SMSMSERoutingagent logs

Created: 17 Jul 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello all

We have a cline who is running on Microsoft Small Business server 2011 with Exchange 2010.On the same server SMSMSE 6.5.8 is installed.

Once user is having difficulties in receiving a particular email and Exchange message tracking shows that message was received but failed to get delivered because it was rejected/blocked by SMSMSERouting agent.

This message is not appearing under the quarantine folder in SMSMSE.

How Can I find out,

1. Why SMSMSERoutingagent rejected/blocked this message?

2. The log file location for SMSMSERouting agent?



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seems this is a tough one since there are no replies

Would really appericiate is some one can give me a helping hand.



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Hello Dhanushka,

The SMSMSERoutingagent is part of Symantec Premium Antispam. This is what takes action when the message is determined to be spam or suspected spam. You can find the message information in the Application Log.

If the users messages are being rejected due to being determined as spam or suspected spam, you may need to investigate the senders IP address to see if it has been blacklisted for some reason.

If this does not help, you may consider opening a techncial support case for further, in depth investigation.

Thank you,


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Hello Monica

Thanks for your reply.

Have already opened a support ticket with Technical support and will let you know the outcome once the issue is identified and rectified.

Thanks again.


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If you have a case number, I would love to take a peek at the case. I may be able to discuss this with the technician assigned to the case also for a more collaborative troubleshooting.



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Sorry for the delayed responce

We wont be able to move forward with this issue because the sender will not be re sending the same email for us to troubleshoot further.

Many thanks for your assistance