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SNAC and non Windows OS's

Created: 07 Feb 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments


Has anyone used or know of a way to run a SNAC infrastructure and support non Windows based operating systems?  By support i mean run some form of Host Integrity checking on systems run Apple OSX or some form of Linux?
I know there is a means to permit non Windows based OS onto the network were SNAC is deployed but in an ideal world i'd like to check the clients are running some form of up to date AV before allowing them on.

The infrastructure I’d like to use this in would be using the Integrated DCHP enforcer.



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The only option I've in mind is using 'SNAC' enforcer, however to make it less complicated, since such OS's are less likely to be used as netwrok clients, and are less vulnerable to new threats, a wise protection could be implementing SCSP on each host and hence getting proactive protection without enforcement
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Sorry for the typing mistake which I always do :smileyhappy:
I meant 'SNAC SCANNER' and not 'ENFORCER'
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Another approach to this problem is to set up exceptions for them.  In the example of Macintosh, it's pretty easy to set up a MAC address based exception in the DHCP Plug in for Apple's MAC prefix.