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SNAC Implementation doubts

Created: 15 May 2012 • Updated: 06 Jun 2012 | 4 comments
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Hello Everyone,

Is is possible to block the clients connecting to the network if the client definitions were out of data for 3 days ?

If it's possible I need guidence to implement the same.

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Part 1, is in the creation of a HI policy to check for the AV requirement as below:

The second part is the actual control side of things, and is dependant upon the results of Part1.  This control part is where you would typically use self-enforcement to block access to network resources, or use one of the enforcers (DHCP/LAN/Gateway) to control network access.

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SMLatCST mentioned you must create a HI policy for detect the AV virus definition was older than 3 day.

Then if you use sefl enforcement you must use a quarantine firewall policy to block network access.

If you use lan enforcer or DHCP enforcer

You must define the rule if the host interity failed close port or assing a vlan for Lan enforcer and For DHCP enforcer while HI failed its stay on the qurantine ip range. You can still block with Qurantine firewall policy as well.



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Thanks to both of you.

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Iam looking for this requirement only..thanks

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