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SNAC migration

Created: 23 Jan 2013 • Updated: 23 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello Guys!

I'm just new with SNAC so here are my few questions:

1. Do we have any procedures if I want to connect my SNAC clients from server A to server B? We are upgrading the server hardware and would like to install a new SNAC server B to accomodate additional clients and eventually transfer/connect the clisnts from server A to B.

2. If I upgrade my SNAC to 12.1 RU2 since we're using 11.x, I will just upgrade the manager and the enforcers will also be upgraded?

3. If I were to transfer transfer server A clients to server B, How do I configure the LAN and Gateway enforcers so they are the same with server A LAN and Gateway enforcers? Or do i just connect my server A enforcers to server B?

I know it's a lot but I appreciate all the help I can get.


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Any suggestions? :)

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Have a look at this thread:

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If you plan to upgrade to 12.1.RU2 there is a deployment altenative to only deploy comminication settings.

By this way you can move client from A to B

On the enforcer site you must change the sepm ip via cli.



Cemile Denerel BAŞAK

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Moving from one server to the other is easy.  Just make sure you have set up replication betweeen the two databases, and edit the management server list to have both Server A and Server B in the list.  Once you have confirmed that all the agent machines have the new management server list (policy), then you can take server A offline.  This will force all the agents to use the second server (B), as the agents will fail over to the secondary server.

Just move the Enforcer to the new server by running the "config spm" command on the Enforcer.   

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hi men.

Refer this questions,

2. If I upgrade my SNAC to 12.1 RU2 since we're using 11.x, I will just upgrade the manager and the enforcers will also be upgraded?

R. You can work with the Enforcer 11.xx and SEPM 12.1.xx the comunication and the main configuration between works fine, but in this case you can have problems with some tabs (for example in MAB configuration). (You can solve issues if have knowledge about Enforcer CLI).

See you.