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SNAC not able to communicate with Radius server

Created: 05 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

My Lan enforcer is having diffculty communication to my radius server. I can see request coming in to my lan enforcer, but the request is not reaching my radius server.

I suspect that SEPM is doing some caching to the shared secret, as no matter how i change the secret, the communication between my lan enforcer and radius is still not up. 

My radius server is able to work and authenticate without the lan enforcer, so it should be fine.

Is there any way i can check the logs in SEPM or Lan enforcer to see if there is any error logs reflecting why lan enforcer and the radius server is not communicating with each other?


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Check your RADIUS settings to ensure that the Enforcer is configured as a RADIUS client.  Once completed, please take a look at the RADIUS's Windows event logs to determine if there are any details and error messages describing the dialogue between the Enforcer and the RADIUS server.

If you are unable to identify the issue using the Windows Event Logs please post the error message.  You may want to also execute a packet capture between the Enforcer and RADIUS server.