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SNAC roadmap

Created: 15 Aug 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi there,

I heard that Symantec plans to shelve SNAC after the latest 12.1 release. Is this true? If yes, when will the support drop for the latest version.

If not, where can I find the product roadmap.


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I have not heard that SNAC is being shelved.  The Enforcers are frozen (no new features added), though.  

I did hear some rumblings that SNAC may be folded into the SEP product instead of being sold seperately, but I have not gotten confirmation on this.

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Thanks Chuck.

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hi not very good with words !

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hi there thanks 4 the update

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As Chuck mentioned only thing is enforcers are frozen no new features but still supporting and fixing bugs with MPs, Host Integrity maybe a part of SEP,this means no need to buy another license or no need for another installation in manager side. And also full support,new features and improvements starting from SEP 12.1.2