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Snapshot Processing Taking Very Long Time

Created: 21 Sep 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments

I currently have a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP1 that currently takes approximately 14 Hrs to do a gets stuck on Snapshot Processing (Open File) for most of the only backsup files, nothing else. If I turn off Open File Agent, it will complete in a couple of hours for 250 GB...currently the backups are now extending into the business day and is a huge problem...any suggestions?

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Hi Bill,

Open File is usually used with a small number of files. Sometimes Open File gets stuck beacuse it waits until there is no write activity on disk in order to block access for a little and "take the photo".

Try to separate your job into two jobs, one using Open File and another one without it.

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What would that accomplish? All I am going to do is back it up twice, right? I have also had bad experiences in the past doing multiple backups against the same agent, the agent would terminate...

I understand that Open File will take longer, but it certainly does not take this long on the other 30 servers I have, all of which our on our Gig backbone...

This past weekend I blocked access to the server , and it still took that long to back it up...

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- Do you get any error messages?
- any events in the event logs?
- Does it happen on specific Jobs?
Please go through following Article:
When using Backup Exec 9.x or 10.0 for Windows Servers, jobs stop responding in the "pre-processing" state indefinitely.

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No error messages, job completes with success, just takes extremely long time to complete.
No events in the logs, I have turned on debugging in Veritas to hopefully reveal more information.
Doesn't matter about job, just the same server and type of backup (Open File)

I have changed the key required and will refire the job when I is still doing a backup that started at 8:00 pm last night. I have to wait for it to finish before trying again...

Also, fromtime to time it will come back with an error message stating it could not use OFO due to an active cache file...I have noticed it has been leaving very large vsp files (~75 GB) in the Backup Exec AOFO Store directory, and has almsot caused the server to run out of disk space. I have to restart the server in order to free it...

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The Restrict Anonymous Support helped, but still having very long backup times...any other suggestions?