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Soft Link Restore files Problem

Created: 25 Nov 2013 • Updated: 25 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Cna some please explain how soft link backups are restore happening in Netbackup for any version?

Is there any seprate documentation for Soft Link (Symbolic Link) backups and restore.

In our senario files has been backup completed sucessfully but after restore user says files are not there only 3 files are symbolic links and internal multiple directories and files not there after restore data.

Can some please explain on this.

Netbackup 7

Operating Systems:

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RamNagalla's picture

I always do ask for the Original path of for the data (not the symbolic link) do the restore of that..

and it looks like symatec netbackup does not follow the symbolic links.. you need restore form the  original data .. as i have been doing from years...

Marianne's picture

@inn_kam: Not sure how SORT is supposed to help explain OS soft/symbolic link feature...

Soft/Symbolic link is an OS feature on Unix.

For example, a piece of software installs by default in /usr filesystem.
Let us call it new-app. By default software will be installed in /usr/new-app.
Say there is not enough space in /usr. Now the OS admin can create a symbolic link to a filesystem with enough space. This filesystem is for example /software.
Sysadmin creates /software/new-app and creates a sym-link to /usr:
# ln -s /software/new-app /usr/new-app.

Installation of new-app will 'think' installation goes to /usr/new-app and succeeds, but actual software will be written to /software/new-app.

Users can use new-app in any of 2 methods:
/software/new-app or /usr/new-app. 
The OS symlink will send all I/O to /software/new-app.

The problem comes in when you backup the application: 
OS tar command as well as NBU does not follow symbolic links.
If /usr/new-app is backed up, ONLY the 32KB link file will be backed up - not the real software location:
# cd /usr
# ls -l |grep new-app

lrwxr-xr-1 root     root   32 Aug  6  new-app -> /software/new-app

So, if you want to backup /software/new-app, this folder must be added to Backup Selection.

If users want 'new-app' to be restored, /software/new-app must be selected for restore, not /usr/new-app.

For more info about soft/symbolic links, you may want to search Unix forums/tutorials or ask your Unix/Linux sysadmin.

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Thanks for the Good Information you given all the details thank you very much

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THanks for the information i got it.