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Software compression

Created: 09 Dec 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

I am backing up to 4 different external segate hard drive

2 -500 gig

2 - 1.5Tb

The jobs are working fine. However, before I selected software compression in Backup Exec V 10 rev 5484 it would backup around 230Gig of data. When selecting software compression it changed it to around 119 Gig. And the job finished and verified in half the time. I also did test resotres  of a few 7-10gig files. Worked fine. Now when I look at the hard drive the space it used for that backup says around 68 gig. Nothing got changed in the job, just the software compression option. I am using removable backup to disk option.

Is that how the software compression works?  The job seems to be compressed twice, first compression in veritas and second compression on the hard drive. 

Please let me know I have searched support for hours with no luck.