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software delivery stating question - need some help

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 5 comments

Ok so I have a job..

basically copies a folder off the server and caches to the machine... in software delivery. Then it runs a .vbs to copy the contents to a folder on c:

It works just great as a manual installer.

In NS6 you could stage as manual but then check off a button to download now... so it is staged there.. is this gone in NS7?

if so how can I have a job manual and have it cache locally? the folder in question is 2.7gb and we do not want it to go to all these machines during the day.

you can see in my attachments it is in the NS6 but missing from the NS7...

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As far as I can understand you want to provide users ability to run the job when it will be convinient for them and don't want package to be downloaded before users will start the job? If this is a correct understanding, then I suggest you to create a Managed Delivery policy with "Users must turn on from SM Agent" option selected and without compliance schedule specified:

This policy will never be launched (and package will not be downloaded) automatically until user will go to SM Agent UI and start the policy.



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close... i want the user to do it manually and it works just fine.. however we want the files to cache to the machine beforehand.. so users do not need to wait for the files to copy down.. so if they cache over night.. user runs in the AM at their convenience...

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This can be achieved by specifying separate schedule for compliance and remediation check in MSD policy. Packasge will be downloaded as part of compliance check for the policy. If you never want to run the policy automatically, then you can specify some date in a distant future as Start date for remediation schedule (this can be done in Advanced settings for the schedule). In this case policy will only be executed if user will go to Altiris Agent UI and will select to execute the policy.

Look attached picture for more information.



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Out of curiosity, why are you running a .vbs to copy files locally to a directory on C:?  Does it need to execute from C:?

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well i know it is a werd way to do it..

but there is a folder that they update on the server every now and then.. 

then they manually copy it from server to the desktop... then they run setup.exe

What they wanted was a way for us to list it in the Altiris agent as a manual run. The point of it is that they want it cached on the machine so it wont take 40 minutes to cache when they run it. it will then copy out to a folder off the root... so the vbs was my idea.. as they want the folder deleted if it exists then copy over the new one..

so my vbs does that.. deletes if exists.. then copies from cache to c:\computer\folder

so far they still have to manually click the Altiris job and it takes 40 minutes to copy down @ throttled 20%... once down it will then copy to folder.... 

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