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Software Delivery without local download

Created: 29 Nov 2013 • Updated: 02 Dec 2013 | 2 comments
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I have a large software MSI to deploy so ideally don't want it to download to each client before the install runs. Is there any way the policy / package can be set to execute the MSI directly from the management server instead of downloading it first? It's a 1.5gb msi file so I dont want it to download to every client...

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Yes you can. Just create it as a Software Resource with no Package and the command line to be msiexec /i \\server\share\folder\msiname.msi /qn and either open up the share and folder permissions so the local system account on all the PCs can access it or use the Advanced properties of the Policy to use a domain account with local admin rights on the PCs and access to the share and folder.

But it'll download the 1.5 GB anyway during the install, you'd be much better off downloading it locally first instead of having Windows Installer do it as part of the install. Then you'll have it cached for modifications/repairs and possibly uninstalls.

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If you do not use CEM, you may use "Run from the server if bandwidth is above any connection speed" in download tab in the advanced options for Managed Delivery policy or Quick Delivery task.