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Software Deployment does not start

Created: 17 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this subject.

I have a task set up to deploy software we need installed for a few users.  i was trying to test it by sending the job to just a couple of the PCs in the group to make sure it works.

i send the job to the computers, if i open the symantec management agent i can see that the computer got the task and its in the "running" state.  if i look at the server it says "waiting for agent to get the task".  and thats where it sits.  it never installs the software, it never starts msiexec.exe, and eventually the job will fail saying "too much time passed for agent to get task".  i have the depolyment solution plugin installed.

does anyone have a clue as to why its not fireing off the job?


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If you open the Symantec Management Agent and the Task Status tab shows that the task is running, then it is firing off the task.  The server may have an outdated task status sometimes.  At times it can be because you haven't used the refresh buttons to refresh the status.  At others, it can be that a task hasn't reported any status.  It's given the computer a task, the computer is still thinking about the task, there is nothing new to report.

The cause is likely that the .exe for the command line is misformed or the credentials used to execute the .exe are not an administrator or not running in the correct session.  For example, try changing it from Symantec Management Agent credentials to 'Currently logged on user.'  Alternatively, if you're running it silently, start out by just running it with full UI, no switches.

If you run it as a different user, is it successful?  If not, what if you drop the switches and just install the program normally?  Does the UI appear?

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner