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Software Inventory and policy update

Created: 03 Sep 2013 • Updated: 05 Sep 2013 | 16 comments
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Hello everyone

I have my Software Delivery Policy working well. But on some computers, I noticed that even after my package is installed successfully (and the computer has the status"compliant") the package is still on the client computer. The next time the user logs in (my policy is scheduled on user login), the package runs again (my software installs again)!.

I confirmed in the policy delivery that the computer in question was still in the target list. To solve this issue, I was thinking to add the task "Software Deliver - no file scan) to the package to force the client PC to send int the software inventory.

What do you guys think? Would that affect the performance of my client computer?

Thank you all in advance for your assistance

PS. The assistance I got from this site has really helped me with the little projects that i do in Altiris 7.x. Thank you all !!!


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First: Your software should have a detection rule for the compliance check.

That means:

  • Yes, your policy runs again at user login
  • When the software is already installed the policy status goes to compliant after the detection check (immediate)
  • No package will be downloaded
  • The software will _not_ install again

If wanted you can create a filter with all the computers that have this software installed and exclude this from the target of your installation policy.

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Yes, check that your detection check is working properly.

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Hi Mistral,

Actually my package consists of the ff. tasks:

1. Task to install Lync2010.exe

2. Task to install LyncMUI.exe

3. Powershell script Task to startyp lync automat. on user login

4.Task to install LyncUpdate (.msp file)

.Once all tasks are successful executed, the status changes to "Compliant" immediately. But on the server, the computer in question is still in the target list. I did a log-off, login on the computer and noticed that the package was executed again although the status was "Compliant". Since lync + MUI was already installed, the execution did not take that long.

I have a detection rule on the Lync Software componet, It is a "Registry Key Value". But maybe because I wrapped the Software component in a task, it did not take that into consideration?

We also have the default "Collect Delta Software Inventory" activated and runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

My temporary solution is to add the Software Inventory task (scans just the add/remove programs) in the delivery policy. so it forces the client to report back the newly installed application so the computer can be removed from the filter.

I have filters setup to exclude computers that already have Lync installed. So that is where my problem is, the computer does not report back quickly enough to say that Lync is already installed so that this computer can be excluded from the policy.


Mistral's picture

If the compliance check(s) is(are) working you should not have any issue.

You should have 3 Software Components ... Lync, MUI and the update (and 3 compliance checks).

I am not exactly sure what you do in your policy when you say you add tasks.

efyuze's picture

Hi andy,

thank you for you reply. I have the detection rule on the Lync software. It is by Registry Key Value. please find attached the screenshot. Maybe I should change that to using MSI Product Code?

Lync2010-Detection Rule.JPG
andykn101's picture

I'd normally use msi product code.

What you need to do, every time you create a new Policy and test it, is, once you have tested it installs successfully, run it again from the agent and check the Detection Rule comes up "detected".

I'm guessing it should in this case so you need to look at the agent logs to find out why the Detection failed for any new user that logged in and had the install run again.

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Hi Mistral,

Please find attached the added tasks in my software delivery policy

2013-09-04 21_03_19-ncnknesrv747 - Connexion Bureau à distance.png
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I think the Gather Software Inventory will run every time the Policy runs irrespective of the result of the Detection Checks.

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Whey you wrap your software in a task there will be no detection check (and the software will not be shown as installed immediately). The compliance status will be the status of your tasks (0 - success - compliant)

You really should create 3 software components with working detection rules (You should prefer a MSI rule before a registry rule).

software - lync

software - mui - depends on (association) - lync

update - patch - updates (association) - lync

Then add the mui software and also execute the dependecy and update tasks.

In the end you might add your autostart task.

If a software (not a task!) is installed, the software is shown as installed immediately when the compliance status goes to the database.

No need to do any inventory and it will work.

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Hello Andy, thank you for your reply and the information given

Hello Mistral, thank you, I will try that out


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So now I am testing out my detection rule for Lync2010. We have two versions to install, English and French. I tried creating the detection rule to check the MSI code for these two versions but testing on my client PC, it still states that the app is not detected. Please see screenshot attached.

I tried changing the ordering of my "OR" but still not luck,

thanks again

detection rule.JPG
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Check the uninstall registry ... maybe there is another product code in there.

I have seen MSIs that change their productcode to another one when you install them ... it is not the same ORCA shows from the ProductCode property.

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Hello Mistral,

thank you for your fast response. Actually the msi code 81be0b17-563b-45d4-b198-5721e6c665cd works. this is for the english version. So when I put just this product code, the pc detects the app. But I would also like to include the french version product code. maybe my ordering of the "AND' and "OR" is not correct?


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Oh yes .. sorry ... didn't see this before.

Use drag and drop to move both "MSI Product Code" thingees onto the OR ... should look like

AND (ignore this)

+ OR

     + MSI Product Code (1)

     + MSI Product Code (2)

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Hi Mistral,

thank you very much !!! it worked!!

Thank you very much for your assistance


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You are welcome.

Glad we solved your problem :)