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Software management plug-in missing after upgrade to SP2 MP1

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 19 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I started getting the following error when trying to run the upgrade policy for the plug-in:

Unable to generate policy XML for item: Software Management Solution Plug-in Upgrade (7a0dae54-8b6c-42f7-875f-7d7565aac99f)

Unable to build the client configuration XML for advertisement with guid Software Management Solution Plug-in Upgrade (7a0dae54-8b6c-42f7-875f-7d7565aac99f). Reason: Unable to build the client configuration XML for advertisement with guid Software Management Solution Plug-in for Windows (64-bit) - Upgrade (a4166cff-37ef-4326-b744-f771e2cc8a06). Reason: Did not get a row for Software Delivery Advertisement "Software Management Solution Plug-in for Windows (64-bit) - Upgrade", Guid = Software Management Solution Plug-in for Windows (64-bit) - Upgrade (a4166cff-37ef-4326-b744-f771e2cc8a06) from the SWD tables.

I get a similar error message when trying to reinstall the symantec agent and then try to install the software management plug-in. In the software section under software releases I only see the software management plug-in for the x32 architecture but not for x64 which most of my clients are, even the x32 package has the information of the old plugin. I tried to install CMS on a test server to export the XML file of the latest plugin version and import it back to my production server but it did not work, after importing the software item was still missing the location of the installer and also the command lines and I'm still getting the same errors for the policies to install and upgrade the plugin. Did anyone had this problem with missing plug-ins? Any idea on how to repair/fix this missing item? 

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Well I found other posts with similar problems and did a couple of them. I also found that the deployment agent was missing on my system so here's what I did:

1. Check if the package for the plug-in is correctly configured in the Software releases section. In my case it was missing so I imported the xml file from a good NS server but didn't work so I decided to remove it.

2. If the package is configured but is missing the actual msi file then delete it from the software library and run a repair for the agent through SIM. I ran the repair for the deployment agent 3 times until I finally got the correct files installed. 

3. Double check again that you have the correct msi files installed and that you deleted the misconfigured packages from the software library.

4. On a command prompt run "aexconfig.exe /configureall" from "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin". Like many other people with this issue I had to run this command a couple of times, it fixed the software management agent on the first run but the deployment agent took a couple of times.

The aexconfig /configureall command takes about 20 to 40 mins to run and disables the console so plan accordingly when running it.