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Software Management Solution Agent not installing on new computers

Created: 13 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

I am running 7.1 SP2 MP1. Package delivery works fine on older clients, but on new machines it is not working. Other tasks such as scripts work fine. I have enabled the following:

Agents/Plug-ins -> Software -> Software Management -> Software Management Solution Plug-in Install

Agents/Plug-ins -> Software -> Software Management -> Software Management Solution Plug-in Upgrade

Now the new computers are getting "Software Delivery Results Pickup Agent", version 7.1.7858, but not "Software Management Solution Agent", which shows as 7.1.7580 on the older machines. Am I enabling the wrong policy? Also, what does this "results pickup agent" actually do?



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Also, to verify that the package was not corrupt, I navigated to the share and ran it manually. Software delivery ran fine after that. There is no indication that the agent is trying to run the install package and failing.

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Do your new computers appear in the target of the policy?

From memory it should be called: All computers without Software Management Plugin.

If not you may want to try to put a computer there by hand and test the policy that way.

Also you might want to check licensing...

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Hi zchandran,

I have been experiencing the exact same issue. I found after applying the solution in the following link, my software management solution plug-in appeared and installed automatically on all new clients:

Just edit the XML's if necessary and re-import them with the software replicator tool, and update configuration on client, check the "show internal tasks and packages" checkbox and  the plug-in should hopefully appear.