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Solaris live upgrade due to netbackup upgrade to version 7.1

Created: 06 Mar 2013 • Updated: 11 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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We would like to upgrade out nebtackup envornment from vrsion 6.5.6 to version 7.1..

We have here Master server with 2 nodes (each in one datacenter) and 2+2 media servers (2 in each datacenter)

I suppose to do live upgrade of solaris kernel version becasue there is realy old without any patch...and version of netbackup 7.1 would have problem with that..

So I manage upgrage of solaris kernel on 2 media servers at first.. (each in different datacenter so I have in each datacenter one non-upgraded media server)

After upgrade of kernel I noticed that upgraded media servers are doing much more backup jobs like its non-upgraded twin..(there is set meda server load balance)..That would be not such problem...problem is that upgraded media servers are doing slower backups...seems to me like upgraded kernel is not able to use 10Gbit lan (which is attached on every media sever) as he could...becasue if I'm looking to nicstat I can see that nic is used on 10-15% of capacity even the load of backups is much bigger..

non-upgraded version of Kernel: SunOS media_server1 5.10 Generic_138888-08 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5220

upgraded version of Kernel: SunOS media_server2 5.10 Generic_147440-25 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5220

I have idea that perhaps if this Kernel is newer like netbackup 6.5.x perhaps there is some compatibility problem...

it is hard to investigate becase netbackup 6.5 is not supported anymore and Solaris guys dont see any problems form their view..

And there is a big risk to go forward with upgrade all of the kernels and them also netbackup 7.1 to get proper support (if problem still occur) becasue it takes time and I cannot cause such risk on prodaction...

Does any one similar experience ?

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When you patched the server did you update Solaris too, or did you just patch?  What is output of:

cat /etc/release


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cat /etc/release
                   Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 s10s_u9wos_14a SPARC
     Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
                            Assembled 11 August 2010

Our unix admins found out that there is some parameter which affected 10Gb lan if you have vlan configured...we tried to modify it and will see..This parameter wasnt there on old version..