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solaris VOM client package

Created: 15 Feb 2014 • Updated: 07 Apr 2014 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have installed VOM on my linux box and trying to add my VCS cluster solaris box and it is failing because I'm missing the  Agent package is missing

because I am getting the folllowing error.

XPRTLD process not on the managed host is running

Do  you what package needs to be installed? Where can I download?

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Actually this is the error coming.  Where can I can download the package?

Add hosts completed with error(s) .Check configuration log for details
 Failed: Error V-383-50513-5749 Could not contact managed host.

One of the following may have happened:
- VTRSsfmh package is not installed on the host
- Veritas Operations Manager Messaging Service (xprtld) on host is down
- Host is not reachable from Management Server.

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Please verify which VOM packages may be installed on each machine andd which version.  Please reply back with the following commands/output.


rpm -aq|grep sfm


pkginfo -l VRTSsfmcs

pkginfo -l VRTSsfmh

This information will determine what will need to be downloaded.

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You have to install the package VTRSsfmh on the Solaris server. 
You can find it in the package
You can find in:
After that you must configure the connection to the console of VOM
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While this is likely what is needed, please validate installed packages so we can verify the scenarion and determine the appropriate version.

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Thank you very much. I have installed the package and when I try to add the host I am getting this error message.

localhost.localdomain is not a valid VOM CS
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Mokkan this is true the localhost you are installing the Storage Foundation Managed Host (SFMH) agent on is not the Vom Central Management Server.

When installing and configuring you should be specifying the VOM CMS that you have install and join its domain to become a reporting host.

Michael was previously trying to figure out which versions of the Cluster and Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) software you had to better steer you to compatible binaries for installation. If we assume you are using the latest version of VOM and attempted the client from the download above then you can access the manuals  for directions to complete your install and configuration.

Often is it more desirable to install an agent by pushing from the console, running a script created from the desired CMS rather than installing the agent separately or configuring an installed agent (All Veritas software post version 5.1x comes with an agent installed to enable keyless licensing) to point to your existing CMS. The Xprtl and other components are listed in a document for your review.

Please ensure you are using the correct agent version for your CMS as you can connect older agents to newer CMS  consoles but not newer agents to older consoles.


Veritas Operations Manager does not support adding a managed agent host to Management Server if the version of the managed agent host is newer than the version of Management Server. However, Veritas Operations Manager does not display any error messages when you perform this task.

Hopefully that is of assistance to you.