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Solaris/SPARC Backup from Scratch

Created: 19 Jun 2011 | 4 comments

We have here a small island of Solaris servers developing for two projects in an ocean of Windows servers. ;-)

Now the computer department changes the backup strategy and wants to have € 800 per month more for a combination of full-backups, incr-backups and stogare of them. In my eyes this is much to much, and I was wondering, if I can build a system that handles the backup itself.

We only have SPARC-Solaris servers, one with Solaris 2.5.1 or 2.6, one with Solairs 8, two and a zone with Solaris 10.

Currently there are full-backups every weekend (600GB) stored for 12 months and incremental backups stored for six weeks.

There are no DBs or other special applications, all real Solaris.

This estimates a server with a redundant diskspace of 12x 600GB (full=7.2TB) plus 6x 7x ~ 60GB (incr=2.5TB) plus spares plus service contract for the serverplus BackupExec licenses.

Is it realistic to build this backup system with this configuration from scratch or shall I pay the € 800 per month for the rest of the existance of the Solaris servers?

Which operating system would be best?

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Note that BE 2010 only support Solaris 9 and 10.  It does not support the other older Solaris'es

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Is there an older version of BackupExec that I can connect?

The major part of the backup comes from a Solaris 8 system.

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Symantec don't sell older versions of BE.

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I am not sure how Future Proof you want your chosen solutuion to be but I'd suggest you also read the "Retiring Soon" section of the Backup Exec 2010 (up to R3) Software Compatibility List