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Some of the Client are not taking update from gup

Created: 09 Jul 2013 | 22 comments
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HI All,

Some of Client are not taking update from gup

Sepm and gup version is RU3

Between Sepm and gup machine having no network firewall

Client can able to telnet of gup machine on port 2967

All sepm policy are replicating on client machine

A) I did below mention troubleshooting

  1. Change gup client version
  2. Delete all content  from gup machine and restarted
  3.  Uninstall on of the  machine client and reinstalled  
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Try to clear old virus defination may be Corrupt virus defination cause.

Troubleshooting the Group Update Provider (GUP) in Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)

Check also this thread

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Please check whether the port 2967 is opened bi-directionally


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Enable the sylink log on the client. Most of the times it will be coz of incorrect proxy settings in the registry

Please post the logs.

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Few Question

How many clients are not getting update from GUP?

Rest of the clients are taking update from that GUP?

Have you seen the latest content in "Shared Updates" folder?

Check these for your help

How to confirm if SEP Clients are receiving LiveUpdate content from Group Update Providers (GUPs)
Article:TECH97190  |  Created: 2009-01-03  |  Updated: 2011-08-16  |  Article URL
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Hi Raju,

80 to 100 are not taking update from gup



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Thanks to All

HI james007

i deleted old Definition and try but facing same issue

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Hi sameeru,

port is opened bi-directionally i checked

Same group some client taking update or some not

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Hi pete_4u

find attached logs

sylink monitor logs.txt 3.05 MB
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from the logs I see that its getting a http 469 response.
SMS return=469
Follow this document

Clients are not getting updates from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. The sylink.log has the following error: 469 CONTENT PENDING.

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is the log of affected client?

looks like the definition is either corrupted or not sending the correct information,

open a support ticket

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Thank you for posting in Symantec community.

Could you please confirm if the setttings are set to bypass GUP if it's not avaialble?

According to the logs I don't see client is trying to attempt connection on 2967 port.

Make sure client and SEPM are having correct policy serial number.

Verify the Liveupdate policy in the SEPM console. Make sure GUP is assigned correctly.

Try to find out machine promoted as a GUP is really acting as a GUP or not?

How to search for the clients that act as Group Update Providers ?

Test SEP to GUP and GUP to SEPM communication 

Chetan Savade
Sr.Technical Support Engineer, Endpoint Security
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how to check this setting ?

bypass GUP if it's not avaialble.

client policy is serial number match with all client and gup is also assigned correctly

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ro check if it by pass GUP

  1. In the console, open the LU policy assigned.
  2. click on the server settings
  3. click on the griup update provider
  4. chec for the 'Maximum time that clients try to download updates from a Group Update Provider before trying the default management server:' value. if it's never it does not bypass.
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yes i mention the same setting

Maximum time that clients try to download updates from a Group Update Provider before trying the default management server i set it is never

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If I remove gup from remote location than all client can take update form  sepm server.

1 ) I uninstall exist gup and reinstall

2) assigned one more new gup.

but issue is there

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is the GUP assigned to the group where the client resides?

can you telnet to GUP frm client side on port 2967?

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yes gup in same group and client can able to telnet to 2967 prot.

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check the debug log on GUP and enable sylink log on client and see if any errors can be found.

open a support ticket as well.