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Some dialog skipped during installation

Created: 16 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Hi all,

I've a few setup file (different version, build options set to single file EXE (download version) and EXE that launches external MSI (cd version) ) written with Windows Installer Editor. Below's problem,

-> Install version2_beta.exe . installation is ok.

-> When I try to install version2_full.exe, during msi installation, it will prompt an error of 2573 (files not marked for installation). After some investigation, I found out that a few dialog in msi were skipped (before installation).

For example:

Normal installation will show these sequence of dialog: Welcome, License, Single Feature Destination, Select Feautre, Start Installation

Installation error will only show these dialog: Welcome, License, Start Installation

So by running the EXE, I wont be able to install my app. In order to overcome this problem, I've to run the MSI directly, let it install first. After that, I need to run EXE which will prompt the maintenance mode for the MSI and repair it. Uninstall the app. Then re-run the version2_full.exe and the installation can proceed as normal.

Any idea what's happening? and can I fix this in the editor (either windows installer editor / wisescript)?


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Are 'version2_beta' and 'version2_full' different products? That is, do they have their own Product Code, Package Code, etc? What happens if you uninstall 'version2_beta' before installing 'version2_full'?

Don't know why 'x' happened? Want to know why 'y' happened? Use ProcMon and it will tell you.
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VBScab, both make use of same Product Code. The same problem happen even if I uninstall version2_beta first before installing the full version. And if I try to re-install version2_beta again, the same problem (error 2573) will happen.

The difference between beta and full is in the version number and some files changes (updated and new files).

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Have you tried installation the version2_full product, on its own, on a CLEAN operating system build?

At the moment, there are two many variables and unknowns in this problem and you need to do some specific testing to identify where exactly the problem is occurring.  Also ensure that you have verbose logging enabled so that you can examine the installation logic that windows installer is applying.

Have you run upgradesync to ensure that the full version's components that are identical to the beta version's components have an identical guid, and that there are no components with identical guids that have different contents?

The reason for using a clean build each time you test is that you cannot assume that an uninstall will restore your machine to the previous clean condition; in fact it will never quite be able to do that. If there are also any errors in the uninstall, your test machine may retain content that will interfere with your next installation test.

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Installing version2_full in a clean VM running windows 7 will get a successful installation. Usually, everytime I compiled a new version, I'll install it in a clean OS first and if have time/resources, will try the new setup in existing machine.

PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying WiseNextDialog property. Its current value is 'License_Dialog'. Its new value: 'Start_Installation_Dialog'.

From the failed installation log, found out that WiseNextDialog is set to show the 'Start_Installation_Dialog' instead of setting it to 'Single_Feature_Destination'....

failedInstall.txt 5.21 KB
successInstall.txt 9.55 KB
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Sounds like something is messing with your dialog display order or the display conditions.  You need to examine the dialog sequence carefully.

I assume all testing is being carried out with FULL UI ?

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