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Some filters in IT Analytics reports not returning results.

Created: 09 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

I'm running the Computer Search report from IT Analytics and some of the filters I select, return no results even though I know there are comptuers that meet the criteria. These filters are ones that have been imported from Active Directory. If I go to Manage -> Filters -> NS Filters -> Directory Filters -> mydomain, the OU that I want to run the report against is there and populated with computers. However, if I run the Computer Search report with that OU filter selected I get no results returned. PCs in that OU have sent inventories as recently as this morning. Some OUs return results and some do not. Any ideas? 

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Check your cube processing.  When ever you are running ITA reports, remember that that data is only as good as the last time cubes were processed.  I've had issues where cubes stop processing and the data in the reports is very old. 

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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All cubes were processed as recently as the 9th of this month. I've also noticed in some reports that have drill downs, when I click to open the detail, I get no results. This is even when the base report is showing resources in that drill down menu. 

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If you've verified the data in the cubes has been processed and you're still seeing issues, then I would suggest contacting Symantec support. They will be able to setup a Webex and help identify the issue in a more expedited fashion.

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Hi h0ser81,

Could you please verify if you are using the more ITA recent version? There are some ITA updates that fixed bugs and improved performance.


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Any solution to this? noticing the same thing in my environment? Seems to be hit or miss which Filters are showing up correclty in the Computers Cube at all. 

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After further investigation on this, it appears this is a known issue that has been addressed and will be included in the 7.5 release.

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We are experiencing intermittent problems with our Cube processing as well, that seem to be mitigated by a reboot of the NS.

I've also heard a lot of "7.5 will fix this" lately too.  Anyone heard when 7.5 will actually be released now, since we are past the end of 2012?