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Some Questions on backupexe 2010

Created: 03 May 2010 • Updated: 06 Jun 2010 | 4 comments
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We switched over from netbackup to backupexec. I am just trying to understand a few things before I get start. I am at the point of making policies. In netbackup we had media pools assigned to specific policies (for example we had a server_1 weekly pool, a server_2 weekly pool etc). Netbackup would only grab tapes assigned to those pools. In backupexec it looks like I can assign all the daily tapes media sets to all our daily backup jobs (as long as they have the same OPP and AP) and it will just append jobs to the same tape until it is full?  In other words it would append all of my backup policies to one tape (as long as they used the same media set)? If that is the case, how can I tell which policy is on which tape? And for offsiting purposes would it be better to have each server policy assigned to it's own media set so I can quickly identify which tape holds which server in case of a emergency? Lastly, I didn't see an option to backup catologs to tape. In netbackup you have a tape dedicated to it... in backupexec is it all written to the same tape that holds the current backup?

Hopefully I was clear on everything, it's one of those things that I know what I mean, but harder to explain it.

Thanks for your help!

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In Backup exec console in the Media tab
You can create different media set where you can defined the overwrite protection period and append period .
Once you configure the Media set you need to select the media set in the backup Job properties so the tape is protected as per the media set properties .Refer the following document this will gve you better understanding about media mangement in Backup exec

If you want your Backup job to Run on specific tape you need to create partiton in the Library
and when configuring the Job you need to target the job to the partion in which you have the tape on which you want to run the backup Job .

refer the following document as well

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I think I got the media set part worked out. So basically policy1,2 and 3 can all write to one tape as long as they share the same media set? And is there anyway to pull up a list which policy wrote to which tape? So that I can check ok policy 1 wrote to tape 000001 and 000002 policy 2 wrote to tape 000004 etc...? I'd like to mainly see which policy wrote to which tape(s) so that I can ensure I am offsiting the most current backups and not just guessing.

That would be much more useful then how we had it setup before as each tape would get set to a certain pool and it would not utilize space as much.

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There are Some reports which you can run to get the information
Just check the defualt reports or probably u need to create a custom report

More on once the Job is written to tape the tape show up in the media set to which it was assigned
for eg if you run a Backup job targeting to the Media set Weekly .
All the tape to which this backup job was ran will show up in the media set "Weekly"