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Sony Laptop with system recovery 2013 not seeing drives

Created: 26 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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       We have a brand new Windows 8 Laptop we have just installed System Recovery 2013 on and it is not seeing the internal hard drive or the external drives when we go to do a disaster recovery backup.  Windows sees the internal drives and external drives just fine.  The internal drive is a 500 Gig Hard Drive.  The external drive is a western digitial 3TB Mybook.  When you go into the create a backup of my machine all we see is a system reserved partition on 2TB.  Not sure where it is getting that.  That drive only shows up if you check the show hidden drives box.  The laptop is set to boot EUFI.  According to my research System recovery 2013 is supposed to support that but I am posting just in case.  Thank you.

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Please see if following steps work for you.
1. Start Diskmgmt.msc
2. Right click on the disks which SSR is not able to see
3. Shrink the volume by some nominal size (1GB-5GB)
4. Stop "Symantec System Recovery" and "SymTrackService" services
5. Start "Symantec System Recovery" Service
6. Open SSR console and see if the volumes are enumerated


In addition to these steps, can you run following command and post its output for External 3 TB drive.

fsutil fsinfo sectorinfo <driveletter of 3 TB drive>

For further investigation of this issue, can you please share the logs gathered using supportgather utility from c:\program files\symantec\symantec system recovery\utilities folder. Also please share the output of smedump and partinfo utilties. Please let me know once the logs are collected so that I can share you the upload location


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Hello ,

Please refer : 

Drive(s) does not appear in Backup Exec System Recovery or Symantec System Recovery, that appears in Microsoft Windows Disk 


Thank You

Tripti Rajusth 


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Any updates ?

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