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SORT 3.8: New release includes more efficient workflow, expanded Risk Assessment reports, saved product notifications, and an updated SPVU Calculator

Created: 19 Dec 2012 • Updated: 19 Dec 2012
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The Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) website makes a system administrator's job easier by organizing common tasks on a single page called MySORT.

SORT Release 3.8 adds three new widgets to MySORT:

  • Symantec Enterprise Products and Platforms Lookup - Display all the SORT resources available for your product or operating system, including documentation, an Installation and Upgrade checklist, patches, array-specific modules, and a SORT data collector. The types of resources displayed vary depending on your product or platform.
  • Product Documentation - Select your Symantec product, version, platform, documentation type, and language to display a list of all applicable documents.
  • High Availability Agents - Select your agent type, application, and platform to display a list of applicable agents.

To see all the SORT widgets, go to:


Expanded Risk Assessment reports

Risk Assessment reports now include checks for Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR). The checks ensure that the VVR version, replicated data set volume names, and Storage Replicator Log size values are consistent between nodes in the cluster.

Risk Assessment reports also include many new enhancements based on our experience with customer data centers.

To learn more about SORT reports, see:

About Reports

Notifications are now stored on the SORT website for six months

Notifications are automatic email alerts that tell you about changes to your Symantec products. SORT now stores these notifications for six months. When you want to review the changes to your products, you do not have to go through your email history. You can come to SORT and see the saved notifications.

To learn more about notifications, see:

About Notifications

Updated Symantec Performance Value Unit (SPVU) Calculator

The SPVU Calculator has been updated with a more descriptive user interface.

To learn more, see:

Symantec Performance Value Calculator for Storage Foundation product family

For all the latest SORT information, see: