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Spam Report Numbers not adding up

Created: 16 Mar 2014 | 2 comments

Hello all,

I have been asked to start submitting monthly spam reports for the executive team to peruse. We are using Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (or SMSMSMSMSMSME) version 6.5

The reports run fine and the .pdf format is very handy but there seems to be a math issue as the spam violations do not add up to the numbers in the spam catagories. Eg

Spam Violations:                18060

Spam:                               17137

suspected spam                    149

suspected spam and SCL          0

This leaves a hole of 774 emails that are spam violations but not covered in the spam catagories. Normally i wouldn't care but the company are a bunch of accountants and as such have a fanatical approach to balancing everything.

Does anyone know where my missing spam is hiding?

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I've noticed some hokey reports before and had to log a support case to get them correctly investigated, as only Symantec will have access to the individual queries used.

Outside of a support case though, do you have any content filtering rules enabled?  Is it possible either these or the encrypted/unscannable file rules are counting towards the grand total?

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I considered that and ran a report with absolutely everything included then tried to see if i could manufacture the missing number. Alas, no joy.

I have opened a support call, but wanted to make sure I wasn't making some trivial mistake.