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SPE 7.5 on Win2008 R2 very slow scans on XLSX files

Created: 10 Jun 2014 | 1 comment

I have several SPE 7.5 servers and they are all spending far too much time scanning even fairly small XLSX Excel files. I know they are basically zip/container files but this is out of hand. There is a very linear pattern of File Size to Scan Time. 

It seems that as approach a 2 MB file, it takes something like 1 entire second to scan. Then at 3 MB, we get pretty close to 2 seconds. At 10 MB, it hits 4 seconds. This is a huge problem for our NAS environment where there are other teams or systems using our NetApp cluster which is configured for on-access scanning. Our Servers/Storage team was trying a local copy of 5.5 GB and with scanning turned on it was going to take 45 minutes but when they disabled scanning it was a few minutes. I dug in and found it was a bunch of various size (sometimes large) XLSX files.

I know there are settings to make it not scan for certain amounts of time but that is not the answer.

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Do you have any stats on scan time for particular xlsx files and their corresponding size?  What spec is your protection engine?  What type of CPU is it etc?

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