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Specify Time Worked - From Initial Resolve Screen

Created: 26 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

Hello, I am curious if anyone has tried or succeded in adding the "Specify Time Worked" box to the Resolve screen that resolves the ticket straight from the Submit Incident Advanced screen (so not submitting the ticket just going straight to resolve).  I got the boxes added and fields but looks like in the Work Incident form the Specify Time Worked is tied to the output data of "SpecifyTimeWorked" which I can not get to link up.  When I test it out now you can enter your time but it does not get posted into the ticket, just posts the timeframe on how long you had the submit ticket advanced window open.  I would overall like it to overide the time that it would put in there (amount of time you have the window open) but would be ok with it combining the times.  Has anyone had any luck trying to add this function....really not sure why Symantec didn't add this because at times our workers need to specify more time then how long they have the ticket open.  Thanks in advance!

I am currently running ServiceDesk 7.1.2

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After you've gathered your time spent you need to use the 'Register User Time to Process' component. You will simply map your day, hours, & minutes values to the Time Spent field before you save the incident.

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Looks like I am getting closer as it wipes out the time that it was putting in there (time spent with the window open).  Still having issues with it pulling what is entered into the days, hours and minutes boxes.