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Speed backup virtual server with BE2012

Created: 25 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

I use BE2012 to backup 20 VM servers to tapes now. The rate around 300 MB/Min to 800 MB/Min. If I backup to SAN storage, the backup rate will increase?

Do I connect BE server direct to SAN or to fiber switch? Thanks.

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Yes, but only if you attach the media server to the SAN as well. You will then be using SAN Transport mode in your job as per the TN below (you need to meet any requirements for this):

Also, you backup TO the storage (tape or disk for example) THROUGH the FC switches, not to them.


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at our environment if we do san-backups to disk we will get backup rates about 10.000mb/min. san backups are much faster than backups over 1gb network.

of course the bottle neck would be the tape drive (with a current LTO5-drive you will get rates about 4.500mb/min with SAN-backups - of course this can vary...)