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SQL Backup - Incremental Log not running - no errors

Created: 18 Oct 2013 • Updated: 22 Oct 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm running BE 2012 on MS Server 2008 R2 and am attempting to backup a MS SQL Server 2012 app on a MS Server 2008 R2 VM.  I have 2 separate jobs for the VM;

1) 2 stages (a) Full SQL backup, weekdays 1 AM (b) Incremental method for MS SQL: LOG, weekdays 1:03 AM (haven't figured out how to order) and job

2) (a) Full backup, File & System state backup of all drives with SQL Excluded, runs on Saturday (b) Differential backup, sql excluded, runs each weekday.

Of the 4 total stages on this machine only the Incremental: Log does not run according to schedule.  If I choose to have it 'run now', it runs successfully.

Here's the jobs window:


And here's the SQL backup options for SQL incremental:


I've no idea why the incremental doesn't run.  I see the note but there aren't any alarms/alerts.

What have I  done!??!



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Colin Weaver's picture

Hmm I am wondering if for some reason you need to set the start time to a defineite time when the full backup has finished. I wouldn't expect you to need that but then a 3 minute difference in start time can't be enough between the full and the log

Also if you are only doing the log backup to truncate the logs then why not use the option to run the log backup immediately after the full completes instead of specifying a time at all?

surfnturf81's picture

The only reason all the times on my jobs differ was to hopefully obtain some order to know when each job runs.  There is no expectation that one job completes before another job's start time, right? So even tho they're scheduled for say 1am, they aren't running until 2 or 3 am because I have several other servers being backed up.

I'm not aware of a method to run the backup immediately after another backup is finished, I only see the options for specific dates & times.

Also, I'm not terribly concerned about the order of these jobs with respect to my issue, which is the job is scheduled to run but does not and I do not have any alerts or errors suggesting (that I see!).

pkh's picture

Since you are not concern about the order of the jobs then set the log backups to run after the full backups are done plus a healthy margin between the 2 jobs

surfnturf81's picture

Sure, I've added a couple a hours. 

I was hoping the 'Keep the job scheduled' set to 12 hours would be enough.

When I rescheduled, the test run failed with the following error:


I tested the credentials successfully and the backup jobs run fine (it's just a matter of making them run on schedule).  The test run placed a hold on the jobs which I unchecked...

pkh's picture

If you do your log backups daily, it should not take long.

Did you turned on Windows authentication for your SQL database?

lmosla's picture

Are you upto date with all of the patches and hotfixes through running Live Updates and pushed out to the remote servers?


surfnturf81's picture

Giving split solutions to this:  I separated the jobs by 1.5 hours AND ran the updates and the job ran successfully.  I did not verify which updates were applied this time (it's been ran in the past month) but it did require a reboot so something occured...I suppose there's a log somewhere.  It most certainly was not a credentials issue.