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SQL Backup Incremental won't complete - posted solution is incomplete?

Created: 29 Aug 2013 | 5 comments

Can anyone shed some light on the following page:

This is the error I'm having but the tech article seems rather incomplete. It ends at "look at a report". That doesn't do much for me. What's the actual solution to this issue?

Thanks, -Alex

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The document is complete... what it explains is that this error is generated when something other than backup exec is used to backup the SQL DB's between the time that the Full ran and the failing Diff/Inc fail. 

It details how to generate the report so that you can see when it was that the SQL database was last backed up. Going by this report you should be able to determine whether or not the db is being backed up outside of B.E. Additionally you should be able to determine what is performing the backup... 

for example if your Full backup is scheduled for 8:00 am and you have an incremental backup scheduled for 12:00 PM. When you pull the report and see that the last time the DB was successfully backed up was 10:00 between the run times of the Full and INC you know that something else is backing up the DB.. 

Please verify that nothing else is touching the database to include its own internal backup utility


The solution would be to disable what ever it is that is backing up the DB's in addition to Backup exec 

I hope this posting was helpful


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This error comes with incremental or differential backup of a sql database.

Reason is incremental bakcup looks at full backup done by backup exec and if sql /another backup application run a backup  this confuses the incremental backup ran by backup exec.

You can run a query discussed in

If the name column says "Null" sql/other backup application has done the backup
if the name column says "Backup Exec Sql Server Agent" it means backup exec has done the backup.
To fix this make sure only backup exec is running the backup and disable all other backups.
If you run only full backups this error should not come.

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My situation is that a full backup did complete no problem. Then the next day it tried to run incremental and gave me an error that the DB backup type was not set to Full. Did that, next day it gave an error that no previous backups were found. Upon researching the error code the solution was to manually do a full and log backup in SQL management studio. So I did that. Now I am at this third error. So yes, your previous solution to the previous issue actually told me to run a manual backup using the SQL internal backup utility, and this is what the reports show.

In this situation, what steps do I take to get this working again. Is it just a matter of waiting (or manually starting) a full backup from Backup Exec to clear the issue? Or is there some other way around this?

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Make sure database is set with FULL recovery model

1. Do not run any sql internal jobs

2. Run a full backup in backup exec

3, Run an incremental backup in backup exec

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You should not just change the recovery mode based on the result of your backup jobs.  You should consult the database owner first.  Some applications requires simple recovery mode and some require full recovery mode.  You should tailor your backup jobs to suit the recovery mode and not the other way round.

That said, if the recovery mode is simple which is what you probably have originally, the database does not maintain transaction logs, thus you cannot do a log backup.  All you need to do is to delete the log backup job.  You can still do an incremental backup of the database which is different from doing an incremental job which backs up the logs.

What the document is trying to say is that you cannot interrupt the backup sequence by doing a backup of the database using another method/product.  You got to stick to BE for all the backups.