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SQL Backup Job for truncate sql logs

Created: 08 Jan 2013 | 6 comments

Hi there,

I have a question, my backupjob should truncate teh sql log from the database. Should i use the sql option "log" or diffrent. I think right is the log option but i am not sure.

thank you

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You should use Log method to have the logs truncated. Only the data contained in transaction logs will be backedup and logs will be truncated once done.

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ok, so i have all two hours a sql backup job with the option diffrent, in the evening i have a seperate job with full and after this job is complete i have a backup job with log ?. T

hank you

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I think it is opposite...

See the note present in the screenshot!

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Ok, what i have read is the first incremental job must have the log option the second to truncate the log have the diffrent option.

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Hi,  take a look at this document that explains the methods for backing up SQL databases.


1. Full    2. Daily Differential   3.after the Differential do a Incremental Log Backup

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SQL transaction logs are used to do point-in-time restores.  Normally, once you have done either a full or incremental backup, the transaction logs are of not much use.  There is no fixed interval whereby you need to truncate the logs, but you must truncate the logs.  Otherwise they will grow until your disk is full.

A database backup will not truncate the logs.  You must run a log backup job with the truncate log option to truncate the logs.

For me, I schedule a log backup after my full backup so that the logs are truncate after each full backup.  I don't do incremental database backups, but if I do, I would also schedule a log backup after each incremental backup.