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Created: 16 Jul 2013 | 4 comments

Good day,

We are in the process of preparing our Backup Exec 2010 R3 for the upgrade to 2012. Currently we have a single policy and selection list to backup all of the SQL instances and databases on all of our SQL servers. We also have independent policys and selection lists for each of our servers. From what I have read about Backup Exec 2012 the SQL backup job we have will not be compatible with Backup Exec 2012 and that SQL will have to be backed up in the same policy as the server that SQL is installed on. My question is, what is the best practice or recommended policy settings and configuration for backing up our SQL servers in Backup Exec 2010 in preparation for the upgrade to Backup Exec 2012?



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You dont really have to make a configuration change in the way you are currently backing up with 2010. When the upgrade is complete it should break up all jobs that touch multiple servers into individual jobs. However we have seen in some upgrades where this is not done cleanly and job must be deleted and recreated. If your looking to to break the jobs up prior to the upgrade you may be better off performing a clean install of 2012 rather than the upgrade and then creating the jobs on the other side (Post Upgrade)


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 that SQL will have to be backed up in the same policy as the server that SQL is installed on.

This not not strictly true.  In BE 2012, a job can only backup a single server.  In your case, you would need to set up a job to backup the SQL databases in each of your SQL machine.  You should not combine your SQL backup with your file backups because you should turn off AOF for your SQL backup whereas you need to have AOF on for your file backup.

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So from what I understand from your post, I can create 2 policies and selection lists for the same server. One policy and SL to back up the flat files and the other policy and SL to back up SQL. Is this correct?

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...that is a recommendation from Symantec, so your answer is yes. I used this with BE 2010 and it works very well. With previous versions it was a lot easier to manage with policies in place, but the same procedure and idea behind splitting the different backups off from each other holds true with BE 2012.


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