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SQL backups & Log truncation

Created: 01 Aug 2012 • Updated: 02 Aug 2012 | 5 comments
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I have multiple SQL database as a Single & part of CSV with Simple & Full Recovery model. i would like to know that if i run the full database will it truncate the logs??

Secondly i have BE 2012 SP1, where i can get the log backup option in incremental backup stage. i know that if we run full backups in Exchange the logs gets purge automatically, but here i want to do Weekly full backup with daily differential & hourly logs backups.

How can i take logs backups without truncation/Purge & what will be the restore scenario for the above in case of disaster recovery..

Need your suggestion & best scenarios as mentioned above..

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You need to run a specific log backup to truncate the logs (Full mode DBs)

Apparently unlike the Exchange API from Microsoft, the SQL API does not allow a truncation as part of the full.

Simple mode DB's do not need truncation.

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Can you clarify about hourly logs backups,if i run icremental backup as a log as mentioned in below Snap,will it truncate the logs?? i want to avoide tuncation for hourly LOGS backups.

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You can choose the other option which is log backup without truncation.

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Actualy it takes time to find the option " log no truncate method" which only avialable in one time backup window. but what if i want hourly basis log backups without truncation..

i got the option as mentioned in below article

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I didn't realise that "no truncate" is only available for one-time jobs.  I guess what you want is not available, but it should not matter since you have log backups and you can apply these log backups when you do a point-in-time restore.  However, if you want to have "no truncate" for scheduled backup jobs, then make a case for it in the Ideas sections.  If enough users vote for it, it might get implemented in some future release of BE.