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SQL box in data centre (different location from NS) question

Created: 28 Jul 2011 | 4 comments

At the moment I use SQL epress. This is on site with the NS. I was thinking of putting a new database (full sql) into data centre we have.

How can I determine how much data will cross the wire the to the NS ? does anyone else have this config. any suggestions welcome.

At the moment the express DB is just about full and needs to be addressed soon.

any advice appreciated on this



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is to have a dedicated GB connection between the two. As for the amount of data that crosses, I estimate (when planning for space) depending on solutions installed to be about 7-10 MB per client in the database.

Now, that's a cumulative effort, and could be more or less depending on solutions and purging. So, to directly determine how much crosses at any given point, that's hard to say. Are you imaging? Frequency of software delivery and inventory is?

You might be able to sniff the current configuration, or at least look at how much traffic goes from the app to SQL (disk read\writes).

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
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If you move to 7.1, SQL Express 2008 R2 is supported and the DB size limit is 10GB, not 4GB as in previous versions of Express.  That being said, if you're reaching a 4GB limit, you probably should be using SQL Standard or Enterprise.

That's an interesting question about amount of network traffic between NS and SQL.  I haven't seen that measured before.  What they do focus on, as Jim mentioned, is speed of link -- they recommend same data center, gigabit connection.

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Joe, was this ever resolved?

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
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Still in the process of getting the SQL Server in the datacentre.