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SQL database issue V-79-57344-38728 via VMAgent

Created: 17 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
I have no issues with SQL database backup if i run it using the Windows Agent, but all GRT backup using VM Agent drives me to the same error
V-79-57344-38728 - The SQL database 'DB' on virtual machine '\(DC)...(DC)\vm\Discovered virtual machine\SQL' is configured to maintain transaction logs, but transaction log backups are not being performed. Not backing up the transaction log results in the log growing in size until it fills all available disk space. You should either schedule regular log backups or change the database to the simple recovery mode.
For restore I do not any database under my instance as well
How can I fix it?

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I seen that before, bat do not understand that I have to do 

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Full recovery model logs are not purged during full backup. So you need to setup a seperate Full - Incremental Log Backup for these SQL databases so that the Log backups can truncate the logs. One Full/Log backup cycle once every 10 days shouldbe good enough to prevent this error for coming up.

This will help you to fix

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@lampar - What you need to do is in addtion to your VM backup.  Add another job which will backup the SQL databases and within this job, add a incremental backup to backup the log. See

The log backup will clear up the transaction log and the error message will not appear.  You got to make sure that there is no VM backup between the database backup and the log backup.  I would suggest that you do the two jobs back-to-back.