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SQL database not detected by agent OR no rights to SQL database

Created: 30 Sep 2013 | 7 comments
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hi there, running Backup Exec 2012 with service pack 2 on 2008 R2 servers.  We have a 2008 R2 VM server running SQL 2008 (non-R2) with service pack 3 within VMware.  Backup Exec agent is installed on this server, however, the SQL db isn't being detected.  Either that or the user account being used doesn't have rights to peek into the SQL database.  Flat file C: volume and the vmware volume backs up just fine.

What should I do to make SQL db detectable??

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Do you have a license for the Agent for Applications and Databases? This will unlock the functionality within BE on the media server to see the SQL DBs on that server.

If you don't have the agent, contact a reseller to purchase it, add it onto the media server and the SQL DBs will be visible on the remote server.


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Yes, agent for Microsoft SQL server is LICENSED.  It does detect SQL database on yet another server, but it can't backup that SQL database either with a different error.  But I'm more concerned with this server than that one, so that will be another post.

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...have you seen the TN below and made sure your BESA has the required permissions for SQL:

You can also try removing the RAWS agent off that server and try push-installing it again.


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Are there any conflicting database maintenance jobs running at the time of the backup? 

Also you might want to try recreating the job.

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1.  No custom maintenance jobs via SQL management express studio

2.  This is a BRAND NEW installation of Backup Exec 2012, and I created the backup job from scratch = I pretty much "recreated" the job.  It's new.

3.  The article here, , is for backup exec account service rights required in the domain for backup/restore to work properly, not SQL related rights.  And I'm using the built-in domain administrator account as BE service account.  The password for the built-in administrator has not been changed either.

any other ideas?  thanks.

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Here is something interesting.  

If I try to create a job that contains just the VM that is running the SQL database, it detects the SQL database.  However, I'm trying to backup the VM as a whole via the VMware host (which contains the VM with the SQL database) using the agent for VMware infrastructure, in this case, it does not detect the SQL database.  I do have the "Enable GRT for Microsoft SQL (database-leve only) on virtual machines" option checked.  

This seems to be a problem on the VMware infrastructure agent.

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So here is something else I found, I went to the restore selection and noticed that BE indeed IS backing up the SQL database on the server.  But in the backup report, nowhere does it say "Backup Exec has discovered and protected............" in the lines of SQL databases.  This is unlike when it encounters an Exchange database, which it does state that it is protecting Exchange information store.  Misleading and perhaps a bad design in my opinion, which needs to be addressed in a hotfix or service pack.

Family Name: "Media created 9/28/2013 6:00:05 PM"
Backup of "VMVCB::\\\VCGuestVm\(DC)ha-datacenter(DC)\vm\kks4"
Backup set #1 on storage media #1
Backup set description: " Daily VM Backup-Full"
Backup Method: Full - Back up virtual machines
The option to enable the restore of individual files and folders from a virtual machine backup was selected for this backup.
The Agent for Windows must be installed on the virtual machine to use Granular Recovery Technology to restore data.
Backup started on 9/28/2013 at 8:24:35 PM.
Backup Set Detail Information
Media Label: IMG000113
GRT backup set folder: \\.pdvfs\BK3\2\BEData\STHVMDK\IMG000113
Transport mode 'nbd' was used for the disk 'kks4-000005.vmdk'
Backup Exec has discovered and protected 'C:' on virtual machine 'kks4'.
Backup Exec has discovered and protected 'Volume{baeda345-1294-11df-ab58-806e6f6e6963}' on virtual machine 'kks4'.
Backup completed on 9/28/2013 at 10:07:14 PM.
Backup Set Summary
Backed up 323322 files in 43141 directories.
Backed up 1 virtual machines
Backed up 1 virtual machine disks
Processed 146497760287 bytes in  1 hour,  42 minutes, and  39 seconds.
Throughput rate: 1361 MB/min
Compression Type: None